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Lidia Resta

Freelance translator based between France and the rest of the world

"It took me a while to think about why I am so drawn to foreign languages. I do understand it now. An unconditional love about travel, a piece of curiosity and this open mind to the others and the World."

Freelance translator born in France of Italians parents, Lidia grew up between the French Alps and the French Riviera. From the countryside to the sea, she lives close to the outdoors, far from the city. Graduated in International Business, she quickly got literacy skills thanks to her adoration of the Italian language. Her very first trip was in Italy when she was 10. Then, she continues her escapades in Europe and sometimes a bit further, with family or friends. At 18 years old, her studies took her living in Iceland for an internship that she will remember for a long time. Graduated 3 years later, she flew solo to the other side of the world, in New Zealand, for a year of freedom in the great outdoors. She crosses forests and snowy mountains, drives along the island through the North and South and lives in small regions close to lakes, surrounded by mountains where she finds peace of mind. A year far from everything, away from a normal life with a professional environment but only the discovery of a true passion about Travel & Adventure. Back in France in 2019 to spend time close to her family, she did not want to stay there preferring a nomadic way of life without really knowing where it leads her. Throughout the miles she has travelled and the years that passed, she discovered the world and cultivated her sensibility. In 2020, after new adventures between Asia, Australia and France, she felt the need to stop her comings and goings and settled in Nantes, to take the time to appreciate all the images and stories lived during those six years. From these experiences came the natural need and desire for Lidia to speak English every day and always learn more in Italian.

Despite all the communication technologies at our disposal, she quickly understood that languages still separate people. As much as it is a challenge, she remains qualified to help you, people and companies, to respond instantly to your needs with a great translation service in English as well as in Italian.  


Artisans, designers, photographers, bloggers, editors, you are her daily dose of inspiration, and she will be happy to collaborate with you in your translation projects.

  • Writing for the tourist industry : magazines, hotel websites, blogs, tourist information center
  • Local companies with a sustainable production and the desire to respect the environment

Curious about everything, her work is adaptable to all topics | on demand.